Thoughts on Lent

Thoughts on Lent

Journeying for 40 days to find a deeper relationship with God is an ancient multi-religous practice.

Buddha sat under the Bodi tree for 40 days before his enlightenment. Noah, was on the ark for 40 days of rain which cleansed the world. Moses was on the mountain for 40 days when he received the 10 comandments.  Jesus was in the desert for 40 days before he began his ministry.

Lent is a very powerful practice, a metaphor for the process of spiritual growth; going into the desert, dying and being reborn. In our modern lives, we are pushed to do more, be more, buy more, gather more.  Lent is the opposite practice.  It is about intentionally giving things up, removing, pruning letting go; making room for God for 40 days with new growth as a result.

I have had very powerful experience with Lenten practice.  Lent is a container for the inner death/rebirth cycle, one of the core teachings of Jesus life: death is followed by rebirth.  Letting things go, or creating sacred space can produce new growth in your life.

Lent can also be about adding a practice instead of taking things away.

Lent is more than a time of fasting,
Lent is a time to fast from certain things and feast on others.
Fast from judgement, feast on faith.
Fast from anger, feast on patience.
Fast on discouragement, feast on hope.
Fast on discontent, feast on gratitude.
Fast on resentment, feast on forgiveness.
Fast on fear, feast on love.

If you are interested in exploring these ideas further, let me know.  If there is enough interest, I will create a space for the workshop.  The fee would be donation only.

Renee McKenna, MA, CCH