Surfing North Shore

Working as a therapist deeply influences Renee’s paintings. Whether painting sunflowers, the sea or the emotions and archetypes of women and spirit, her work is informed by symbolism and metaphore. Rather than paint with a brush, Renee primarily pours acrylic paint onto the canvas directly and moves the paint by tilting the canvas and pulling or mixing the paint with sticks. In this method, both gravity and the paint collaborate in the creation of each piece of art.

Mosaics and Murals

Renee has created a range of large scale painted murals and tile mosaics in the Sunset District of San Francisco. Her public art is designed to beautify spaces for children and to bring images from nature into urban environments. Most of her work is found in schools and playgrounds, such as the South Sunset Playground Mosaic and Mural on Vicente @ 40th Ave,  sponsored by Art in Every Classroom, Inc.

Art in Every Classroom, Inc

Since 2009, Renee has served as the Director of Art in Every Classroom, Inc., a non profit she helped found which is dedicated to bringing art classes, grants and community art projects to children and communities in need. Art in Every Classroom provides an average of $5000 per year in micro grants of quality art materials to teachers and classrooms in the Bay Area, Haiti and South Sudan, Africa.  Renee also teaches art part time to children grade K-8.

Tree of Life Wire Sculptures

Renee’s “Tree of Life” sculptures and paintings are based on the ancient Tibetan Buddhist “Jewel Tree Meditation.”  Each tree is an expression of a spiritual principle such as Truth, Integrity, Honoesty, or Earth, Fire, Sky.  Her paintings are often multi-media, including semi precious stone and pearl, natural elements such as sand, grass and sea shells.

Sacred Ash Paintings

Renee also produces Sacred Ash Paintings, art canvas memorials to those who have passed. A very personal, respectful and powerful art form using cremation ash mixed prayerfully with acrylic paint and designed to reflect the spirit and life of the departed and the feelings and experiences of those who remain to remember them.

To see a full gallery of Renee’s art follow this link:

 053 - Copyflowers with butterfly Bridge on a Clear Day (2) 18x24Jewel Tree 2