Marriage Preparation and Wedding Officiant

Some of the most rewarding work I do is to work with couples intending to get married, to help them prepare for a successful and healthy relationship. I meet with couples in the months before their wedding to discuss their strengths and challenges, both as individuals and as a couple. Couples learn tools of communication, intimacy and conflict resolution. I help them plan for their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual future together so that it will be as fulfilling and rewarding as possible.

I also perform wedding ceremonies and help couples plan and design a service that is right for them. If needed, I am happy to help manage the rehearsal and smooth out any details in the order of the service. I ask thoughtful questions to help couples get clear on their vision for this special day and develop a personal and unique ritual for each couple that I work with.

Generally, couples come for 3-5 marriage preparation sessions and 2 sessions to plan the wedding. Each session is 90 minutes long. This is merely a suggested scenario. Each couple decides how much or how little they want to see me as they plan to marry.