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Here are some common questions clients often ask me before our first session…

What is Spiritual Psychology?

Spiritual Psychology is a gentle, effective and practical method for healing and transforming the underlying patterns of thought and feeling that are the generators of most suffering. Using the tools of hypnotherapy, body based mindfulness and active imagination, we work directly with the client’s experience to improve and heal in the way one relates to themselves and others.

Spiritual Psychology blends the grounded techniques of Lifespan Integration, DepthHypnosis, Shamanic Soul Retrieval and depth psychology to bring genuine change and real healing to places where regular talk therapy can’t go. We work directly with the non-rational aspects of the self;  bringing compassion, hope and healing to the emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual “self parts” that are often wounded or stuck in old, self defeating patterns. New, positive, life affirming internal patterns are developed as the old patterns are released. When our internal patterns of thinking and feeling change, our daily choices and life experience naturally and radically improve.

How is this different than talk therapy?

Talk therapy is very helpful in understanding who we are, what has happened and why we react the way we do. Talk therapy helps us grow in many ways like trust and self acceptance. I have had many talk therapists to whom I am deeply grateful. But talk therapy has limits. Understanding a problem does not necessarily solve or change it. Though understanding can be a powerful and important step, understanding is a mental function that does little to address or shift the underlying emotional and spiritual configurations that are the cause of most suffering. The rational mind cannot transform the non-rational parts of the self where most self defeating patterns exist.

Through a combination of very grounded therapeutic, sensory and spiritual techniques, we are able to gain awareness of the underlying belief and feeling patterns that are the source of most suffering and dysfunction. These gentle but very effective tools help re-pattern or transform these core issues at their source. The result is real and permanent change on a soul level. We work to heal the internal relationship with the self and the world, and when these internal relationships changes our experience of the past and the present is radically different.

What if I am not religious or spiritual?

Spiritual Psychology is a process that grounds the client in the power of their highest self, that part of the self that has only their highest good in mind. Some may experience this power inside, some may experience this power as external through Nature or the Divine, some may have no idea that such a power exists in the universe and that they can connect with it. There is no dogma associated with this work, no religious or spiritual belief system one needs to adhere to. Spiritual Psychology grants the client access to the transpersonal realm or the ground of being. Power and life force are available to all who seek it, the power that is beyond the small “s” self, greater than the self alone, however the client understands it.

What about my own religious or spiritual practice? 

There are many paths up the mountain and there is room for all religious and spiritual traditions within this practice. In fact, many clients find a growth and deepening within their own practice through the work of Spiritual Psychology, though being religious or having a spiritual practice is not a requirement for this work.

How do I pay?

Sessions are $150 and last 75 minutes. Payment may be made with cash, personal checks, Venmo, credit card or Paypal. I do not take insurance directly, though some insurance and medical savings plans may cover hypnotherapy work on a reimbursement basis. I do reserve a number of sliding scale spots in my practice, as I want to make this work accessible to everyone who wants it. If you want or need a sliding scale, I am glad to discuss how to apply for a sliding scale spot.

What can I expect in a session?

Spiritual Psychology sessions last approximately 75 minutes. Most session are divided into two parts. Generally the first half of the session will be spent in discussion, much like regular talk therapy. The second half will be spent doing in inner work using active imagination, hypnotherapy or other transformative tools to address the issues that came to light during our discussion. Longer sessions may be available or advisable for specific protocols or blocks of inner work.

When Are Sessions Available?

Renee sees clients Monday thru Friday 9am to 2:30pm and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm and 8pm.

Where is your office?

3131 Rivera St @ 41st Ave in the Outer Sunset District of San Francisco

Are phone sessions available?

Yes, I work with clients all over the world via phone, Skype and Facetime. The highly transformative tools of Spiritual Psychology are just as effective at a distance as in person.

How do I schedule?

Please call or text 415/672-4992 or email to set up an appointment.   Please note that phone, text and email messages will generally be returned within 24 hours during the week, 48 hours over the weekend.

I am happy to set up a FREE 30 minute phone consultation to discuss whether my style and work is a good fit for you.