Lifespan Integration Therapy

Lifespan Integration is a gentle, body-based therapeutic method which heals without re-traumatizing. This work relies on the innate ability of the body-mind to heal itself. Lifespan Integration combines active imagination, the juxtaposition of ego states in time, and a visual time line of memories to facilitate neural integration and rapid healing. First, a timeline is compiled either in session or in the client’s own time. Next, in the integrating phase of the protocol, the client ‘views’ a memory image for each year of his or her life at the therapist’s suggestion. Lifespan Integration technique causes memories to surface spontaneously, and because of how memories are held neurologically, each memory which surfaces is related to the emotional theme or issue being targeted. The resulting panoramic view of the client’s life gives the client new insights about lifelong patterns resultant from the past trauma. These insights lead to a shift in internal emotional states, more mature and adult responses to current events and often a greater feeling of wholeness, self care and self responsability.

Lifespan Integration was developed by Peggy Pace in 2003. Originally designed as therapy for adult survivors of childhood abuse or neglect. Pace soon found that LI therapy facilitates rapid healing in people of all ages, and is effective with a wide range of therapeutic issues. Peggy Pace published the first edition of her book, Lifespan Integration: Connecting Ego States through Time in 2004.  More information on Lifespan Integration is available in the book  The Success and Strategies of Lifespan Integration, by M.A. Catherine Thorpe. You may also wish to visit the Lifespan Integration website.